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Autumn Yoga and Self-Care 🍁

Some ideas to create a positive, healthy and cosy vibe and connect to this season.

1. An autumn / fall-inspired yoga flow

Embrace the essence of autumn by practising poses that help ground and balance you, such as tree pose and warriors. Click below for a simple mini sequence I've created for you.

2. Mindful autumn activities

Connect with nature by returning to your inner child and find joy in kicking up the leaves in local woods or parks. Benefit from spending time outdoors and perhaps bring back a colourful leaf or glossy conker. Incorporate mindfulness by slowing down your pace, looking around, noticing sights, sounds, smells. Pay attention to your steps and how your body moves to propel you forward. Be grateful for the strength and suppleness of your body or forgive your body if it is stiff and tired. Speed up and notice how all that mindfulness goes out of the window! Slow down again and savour the experience.

3. Seasonal self-care

Discover some nurturing rituals during the autumn months. Ideas could include warm baths with autumn-scented candles and using calming essential oils in your home (think lavender, chamomile, ylang lang, sandalwood).

How about drinking ginger tea, a caramel spiced latte or a hot chocolate (lovely after that autumn walk).

Perhaps light the fire or grab a blanket, curl up with a good book, and get crafty with some sewing or crochet. Creating a gratitude journal and jotting down 3 things that have made you smile that day cultivate a positive mindset.

4. Healthy autumn recipe

A nourishing and comforting soup, simple to remember using just 1 of everything

Sauté 1 chopped onion in a little oil in a large pan until just starting to colour.

Add 1 chopped sweet potato, 1 regular potato, 1 butternut squash and allow to sweat for 5 mins before adding some stock (I used 4 teaspoons of Swiss Bouillon powder and 1/2 litre of water) & some black pepper (I didn’t need any salt as stock was salty enough).

Stir in 1 desert spoon of curry powder & 1 big clove of garlic.

You can also add in a bit of fresh ginger for added excitement.

Allow to simmer for about 25 mins until all veggies are soft. Then blitz till smooth & add up to 1 can of coconut milk - et voila!

Enjoy 🥣

5. An autumn-themed poem, author unknown, to capture the beauty and embrace the changes of the season

"Autumn Leaves"

As autumn's colors start to show,

Leaves of gold and crimson glow.

They dance upon the gentle breeze,

A vibrant tapestry through the trees.

Nature's canvas, painted with care,

A masterpiece beyond compare.

Each leaf, a brushstroke in the air,

A symphony of beauty, everywhere.

With every step upon the ground,

A satisfying, rustling sound.

The leaves, like memories, softly fall,

Reminding us to cherish them all.

So let us embrace this season's grace,

In golden hues, find solace and embrace.

For in the falling leaves we find,

A reminder of life's rhythm and design.

Wishing you a beautiful warm and colourful time, connecting to nature and the rhythmn of the season.


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