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Corporate Yoga  


Yoga in the workplace 

Staff wellbeing is high on a lot of companies’ agendas at the moment, and yoga is a good way to support your people.


Yoga is great for physical and mental wellbeing, and it’s suitable for everyone, whatever your shape or size.


I have been doing a weekly online yoga class for North Kesteven District Council for their employees for several years and recently took the stage at the Lincolnshire NHS Practice Manager's Conference for some 'un-hunching' before lunching.


If you don’t have space for a yoga class, don’t worry! We can do a class online or do seated yoga. This is where we use a chair for simple stretches and poses.

This can be done on zoom or in person, so it’s really convenient for your employees and I can provide a recording of the session for you to share with colleagues unable to join in live.


No Yoga gear necessary.  It also means your staff can do some of these stretches during their day to keep their body mobile. Sitting at a desk all day can lead to aches and pains, so chair yoga is a good way to help prevent that.

Read below what employees at the Welby Group of Practices had to say after our first coffee break yoga session.

Winner - Health & Wellbeing.png

"Never having done yoga before I was delighted to find Ann's yoga class. My flexibility has improved no end and Ann makes the classes very enjoyable and is a great teacher.  Having a video of the class to do the exercises again in my own time is also a real added bonus"

- Maggie

"Thank you Ann, I'm really enjoying getting back into yoga.  Couldn't recommend you enough.  Brilliant classes held in your lovely lounge and I always come away feeling totally relaxed"

- Lisa

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