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Restorative Yoga Classes 

Students in supported Child's pose

Restorative Yoga Classes

Sundays at 3pm (monthly)

Relax & Recharge - Our most chilled out yoga session, very relaxing and a perfect way to end a busy week.

Slow down, breathe and spend some time for yourself.


We use bolsters, blankets and other props to ensure the most comfortable experience.

I have a plentiful supply of these items so you just need to bring yourself if you are coming to the Studio.  

If you are watching the class on line I will instruct you what items, cushions etc to have to hand.

This class uses quiet and meditative floor-based restorative, supported postures. It's suitable for all ages and abilities, even those less mobile or new to Yoga.


In this small, friendly class everyone is invited to listen to their own unique body and adapt poses to suit them (particularly if carrying an injury) or simply rest however best suits you.

Physically release into the relaxation response, allowing the body to heal and rest, whilst focussing on yourself and the present moment.

The class is accompanied by gentle music, poetry and philosophy and is designed to help you relax and recharge those batteries ready for the week ahead. 

A typical class runs for a 60 mins to enable you to settle at the start of the practice, fully relax and end in a chilled savasana.

Stay on for a cuppa and homemade cake afterwards if you have time.

Hopefully you will leave with a sense of joy and connection to yourself and others.


Winner - Health & Wellbeing.png

"Thank you for a lovely relaxing class, tea and delicious lemon cake.  What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon and chat were just what the doctor ordered"

- Jo

"As I laid on my mat I realised just how peaceful your lounge is compared to my spare room, it was lovely" 

- Paula

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