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Meditation Coaching 


As well as Yoga classes, events and private tuition, I also offer Meditation and meditation-based Life Coaching.  


Please get in touch regarding individual or group meditation, private or corporate, or to find out more about 1:1 meditation-based Life Coaching. 

I am honoured to be a part of the LIBERATE Leadership Programme as a Mentor for new meditation coaches.  LIBERATE is internationally ranked in the top 5 online meditation courses and I have benefitted from training with Sura myself.  I greatly enjoy supporting the new trainees.

I also publish guided meditations on my Ann's Yoga Lounge YouTube channel and on Insight Timer - an App/website with 100,000 free meditations to listen to.

Meditation-based Life Coaching is for you if you are feeling stuck and would like to move forwards.

I provide bespoke one to one packages to help you reach your personal or professional goals and purpose.

Maybe you are seeking a collaborative and compassionate way to release yourself from negative habits, patterns or destructive self-talk. I am here to provide a safe and sacred space of listening and empathy.  I will introduce you to meditation techniques to ground, relax and facilitate self enquiry.  From this quiet space you are invited to acknowledge and recognise tensions, stressors and negative energy, listen to your heart's own wisdom, and learn how to let go of what no longer serves, thus creating space for new growth. 

Let us create momentum out of any stagnation and reclaim your power and vibrancy through self-discovery and realisation of how to work towards the best version of yourself.











In each session you will create actionable goals and be held accountable for these with ongoing email support and materials.  I will help you cultivate a meditation practice and give you questions and resources to stimulate personal insight and development.

Why not email me to book a free, no obligation discovery call if this speaks to you


Here is some feedback I've received from my current clients:


"Thank you for another great session. It’s amazing how much we have covered already. I appreciate the summary you sent me too as it’s so easy to forget"

"Thank you – I got a lot out of it, more than I expected even, and have lots to think about. Your summary was exactly right.  I have printed off the energy wheel so will have a go at that, and have repeated my affirmation to myself a number of times already today"

"I have really enjoyed your insightful, responsive and gentle approach, almost a sideways approach, to things I struggle with. It has been great to take time out of the busy day, be led into new experiences, and think about as well as feel things in a completely different way"


I feel that the sessions were just the start, and I will go back and read again what we did and make them part of my daily life and practice. It is a bit of an adventure, and I feel that you have given me a treasure box in a way of ideas and exercises that I can take out from time to time when I feel that life is getting tough and overwhelming"

"I was so impressed with the follow up emails and resources to prompt questioning and encourage a self meditation practice – I am going to copy and paste into a document as they have been invaluable and I don’t want to forget what we did and said"

4 - My Positive Life.png

"Thank you so much for the guided meditation recording! I've done it two nights in a row to help me sleep. It makes a nice change from the things I listen to on other apps and it's lovely to hear your voice  "

- Lisa

"Thanks for your meditation recording. Your voice is steady and clear. I love the way you guide, wonderful job.

I can recognize the confidence you have in guiding and the safe container you are able to set!



- Maria

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