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Chair Yoga  

Image by Nick Page

Chair Yoga 

I am a firm believer in taking Yoga off the mat and into our everyday lives.


Seated Yoga is ideal for those less mobile, the elderly or people not wanting to take part in an active class.


It is also ideal for anyone of any agility who has a few minutes to spare whilst waiting for a cup of coffee to cool, the bus to arrive or when sitting on a train or plane.

You can do a great mini workout using your chair in your lunch hour.  A little head and shoulder circling, gentle twists and opening poses relieve any hunching over computers and phones and boost your focus and mood.

Seated yoga can include variations of all the classical yoga poses, including sun/moon salutations, warriors and more.

In a Chair Yoga class I like to incorporate breathwork and relaxation to finish.

Everyone is invited to listen to their own unique body and adapt poses to suit them (particularly if carrying an injury) or simply rest.

I offer occasional Chair Yoga classes and Challenges at the Studio, online and in the Community, adapting routines to suit those in front of me.  


Interested in Community or Corporate events, or to hold lunchtime classes at your place of work?

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"Never having done yoga before I was delighted to find Ann's yoga class. My flexibility has improved no end and Ann makes the classes very enjoyable and is a great teacher.  Having a video of the class to do the exercises again in my own time is also a real added bonus"

- Maggie

"Thank you Ann, I'm really enjoying getting back into yoga.  Couldn't recommend you enough.  Brilliant classes held in your lovely lounge and I always come away feeling totally relaxed"

- Lisa

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