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Yoga Spring Clean - Clear your space, refresh your practice and feel revitalised!

Updated: Mar 29

Are you up for decluttering your physical space, cleansing your body and rejuvenating your mind and spirit this spring?

This can be done through various practices such as deep cleaning your yoga mat and props, practicing detoxifying yoga sequences, incorporating breath-work and meditation into your routine, and setting new intentions or goals.

The purpose of a yoga spring clean is to create a sense of renewal and growth, allowing you to embrace the energy of the season and deepen your connection with yourself and your practice.

During a yoga spring clean, there are several practices you can incorporate into your routine to refresh and rejuvenate your yoga practice. Here are some suggestions:

1. Deep Cleaning: Start by deep cleaning your yoga mat, props, and yoga space. Use a mild soap or a yoga mat cleaner to remove any dirt or bacteria. See my personal recipe below - I purchased the ingredients on Amazon. This will create a fresh and hygienic environment for your practice.

2. Detoxifying Yoga Sequences: Include stretches that focus on detoxification and purification. Poses like twists and forward folds can help stimulate the digestive system, improve circulation, and release toxins from the body. See below a mini sequence I have designed for you.

Start by lying on your back then draw in and circle your knees. Gently drop your stacked knees over to one side, then the other (no rush). Linger as long as you like. Come to sit up nice and straight in staff pose and then take half Lord of the fishes by drawing up your right leg, hooking the opposite arm over the knee and turning belly, chest and chin round to the right. Use the back hand to help give you lift. Repeat on the other side before enjoying a few cat cows and sinking back to child.

Time to rise up now and enjoy a wide-legged forward fold, revolving the torso and opening the arms, following your top hand with your gaze.

Finally return to your back and enjoy a leisurely one-legged twist on each side before relaxing into savasana.

3. Breathwork: Incorporate pranayama (breathwork) techniques into your practice.

Deep breathing exercises like Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing) can help cleanse and energize the body, as well as calm the mind.

4. Meditation: Set aside time for meditation to clear your mind and enhance mental clarity. You can practice mindfulness, meditation or listen to guided visualisations to promote inner peace and focus. I have a series of guided meditations on the free App Insight Timer. Search for me Ann Riddell, Sleaford. Below a link to my popular 10 min Golden Suns Morning Energy meditation

5. Setting Intentions: Take the opportunity to set new intentions or goals. Reflect on what you want to cultivate and achieve during the spring season. Perhaps it's to physically improve flexibility, strength, or maybe to become more creative, try new things or gain a deeper sense of self-awareness.

6. Nature Connection: Spend time connecting with nature by practicing yoga outdoors, if possible. Even a few stretches enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and natural surroundings can work wonders.

Remember, a yoga spring clean is not just about physical practices but also about cultivating a sense of renewal and growth in all aspects of your life, particularly self care. As you emerge from your winter hibernation, perhaps ask yourself what you can leave behind and what new seeds you can sow.

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