Schedule & Pricing 

January 2021 schedule of classes which are currently live-streamed via Zoom - from our home to yours

MONDAYS - 8.00am-8.20am FREE Meditation

6.45pm-7.55pm Hatha Yoga (First Monday of each month = Yoga for Runners)

TUESDAYS - 9.30am Gentle Hatha, 6.45pm-7.55pm Yin Yoga 

WEDNESDAYS - 6.45pm-7.55pm Dynamic Yoga (faster paced & with more planks!)

THURSDAYS - 7.45am Rise and Shine Yoga (Zoom only)


SATURDAYS - Workshops eg Run (or Walk) Yoga Cake, Yoga plus Craft etc

New for January 2021 Beginners Yoga - course of 4 morning sessions starting 9th January 8.30-9.20am

SUNDAYS - 3pm Restorative Yoga

Other Workshops

Find more info on the different styles on the 'Classes' page.  If the times don't suit you, each week there is a link to a recorded class that you can purchase.  You can then watch this class multiples time to suit you


There are also pop up Special Events and Workshops - full details & availability for all classes when you click the 'Find out more/Book a class' button at the top of this page


  • Monday meditation - FREE

  • Single 70 or 75 minute classes cost £7 via Zoom, £8 in person

  • 45 minute Rise and Shine and Class is £4.50

  • Recordings are £4 (free to 30 day pass holders)

  • NEW one to one Yoga Bites - £10 per 20min individual tuition tailored especially for you - just ask for details

Workshop & course prices vary


Savings can be made by purchasing class passes of 5 or 10 tickets or 30 day passes which cover all regular classes (excluding workshops/courses)


"I am enjoying the Zoom classes and will stick with these for the near future.  I am really glad to see that you are intending to stream any future face to face classes via Zoom at the same time.  For those with underlying health conditions it feels the safer way to continue with Yoga"

- Kathy

"I am really enjoying the Zoom sessions - you are doing a great job of making them seem inclusive and personal as if we were in a class in your home.  It is lovely for me to have the time to do 2 classes a week and I have found with the stresses and strains of working from home and home schooling it has been just what I've needed"

- Julie

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