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Weekend Events & Workshops 


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Every few weeks we offer Saturday or Sunday Special Events with plenty planned such as 



A mixture of gentle yoga, meditation and journalling with some fun questions to explore your inner child


A flowing practice with elements of Hatha and Yin. We will include a little yoga philosophy and meditation. This will be followed by a lovely session of mandala/candle/bathbomb making and mindfulness 


Find out if you are a Vata, Pitta or Kapha type and discover poses to best suit your constitution


A mixture of mainly floor-based slow Hatha flow and longer-held Yin yoga postures for all levels. Using foam rollers, sticks and balls to release tightness and help develop a habit of incorporating these tools into your routines

Homemade cakes, tea, coffee etc are always part of our face to face events at no extra charge!


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Run (or Walk) Yoga Cake



A fun morning suitable for all levels - including walkers and slow joggers and people new to yoga. We host different ability groups tailored to you.

The morning starts with a warm up in the garden and then a 5k or 4.5 mile run with our qualified coach or 45 min walk, followed by some cool down stretches. We then come inside to get changed if necessary and enjoy an hour of gentle yin yoga.

This is a wonderful quietening and relaxing practice to ease stiff joints, improve range of movement and calm the mind. 

We stay in the floor-based poses for 1-5 minutes to give the joints, ligaments and deep connective tissues time to open and yield. Different options are offered to suit your unique body.

Linking with Chinese medicine, classes concentrate on targeting different meridians or channels and organ pairs. Gentle music, silence, poems and readings accompany this meditative style of yoga, suitable for all abilities including those new to yoga.

You are encouraged to observe the breath and use this to focus on the present moment, allowing thoughts and feelings to arise but staying with them and watching them without getting “involved”. The “mind chatter” is lessened and the “volume” turned down on any negative thought patterns. The hope is that we develop mindfulness skills that can be transferred from the mat to everyday life.
In this small, friendly class everyone is invited to listen to their own unique body and adapt poses to suit them (particularly if carrying an injury) or simply rest.

We close with a long relaxation and visualisation.

If you have time, stay on for a cuppa and homemade cakes and scones.
Hopefully you will leave with a sense of joy and connection to yourself and others, nicely stretched and relaxed.

Runners setting off from our house

"Thank you for such a perfect morning. I’m looking forward to the next Run Yoga Cake already! You and Graham are such lovely positive people and it is just so wonderful to be in your company "

- Kate

"The yoga and chat were just what the doctor ordered. A great class and a lovely welcoming group of people. Great news on the planned Yoga and Candle Making morning.  I'll look out for it popping up on the booking schedule"

- Susanna

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