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Finding Your Zen in 2020 and beyond

December is often a hectic and anxious time. First there is the run up to Christmas, which this year will look very different for most of us. The end of the year is also a time to reflect and maybe not everything has been wonderful for us in this Pandemic. We will probably all have experienced loss - of freedom, choice, maybe of loved ones. We have all missed out big time on hugs and seeing family and friends.

Here are some simple ideas for surviving when our minds are in chaos, helping us to find our Zen..

1. Set an intention or Sankalpa at the start of the day 2. Pick a focus that is important for the day and create space for that (other things can wait) 3. Do one thing at a time (no looking at your phone at the same time or multitasking!) 4. Use any activity as a meditation (drinking tea, washing up, walking, etc) 5. Find a time to be silent 6. Think of (or even better write down) something you are grateful for each day. Maybe consider a gratitude journal for 2021 and complete it each evening before bed

What do you think? Let me know if you agree with the above or have some other good suggestions

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