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Ann's November/December Favourites - what I am loving at the moment - let me know your faves too

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

What I've been reading...

What I've been wearing... BAM Bamboo Yoga & Running Wear (also great for hiking, everyday, cycling, skiing etc)

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Indeora Vanilla & Coconut Deodorant - healthy magnesium deodorant, smells great, works and is free from chemicals

What I've been drinking... Alpro Chocolate Milk - yummy and widely available - I particularly like the small cartons for on the go

What I've been writing in ....Notebooks and Planners - I recently treated myself to this blue Lamare Productivity Planner - I bought mine from Amazon

What I've been using... iPhone charger cables - look at these 3 beauties - strong & durable from Amazon

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