Free Monthly Challenges  

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Each month in my Facebook Group Yoga Meditation Inspiration with Ann Riddell I host a free 4-day mini challenge, suitable for all including complete beginners.

No prior knowledge of Yoga is necessary as I introduce different short tasters of Yoga or Meditation.  These are not held in the Yoga Studio but online in the comfort of your own home and many of the challenges you can do in your pyjamas!


So far this year we have covered

Sun Salutations



Chair Yoga


2 x Meditation

Yin Yoga for a good night's sleep

Yoga for a happy back

Yoga for a happy core


The Challenge for December 2022 will be Yoga for happy shoulders 

Prizes are also awarded to those taking part to encourage new students and reward current students.


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Ann and students in seated cobblers or bound angle pose

"Thank you Ann. I’ve just caught up with day 2 of the Chair Yoga Challenge which I missed due to getting too hot; and now I’ve just completed this morning’s session. I am a beginner but already feeling the benefits in this old body. And I loved the meditation"

- Jean


"Yin Yoga is just perfect for relaxation. Ann’s Yoga Lounge - sorry I haven’t managed to catch the good night sleep sessions live in the Challenge but I have worked through them on catch up. I will definitely keep this up as an extension to my routine in the ten minutes before settling down for sleep.


It is working wonders. It will also discipline me not to check my phone in that ten minutes which is the worst thing you can do to a get a good nights sleep"

- Christine